November 17, 2018

The Mystery of the Amish Blanket Has Been Released!

The Mystery of the Amish Blanket

The Mystery of the Amish Blanket Has Been Released!

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Irene Raber is a woman who is very passionate about what she does. She is often found sewing in the Raber home, or somewhere around the community. With her life as hectic and lovely as it is, she often wonders what could turn it upside down and for the better. She is courting a lovely young man, Nicolas Eicher.

Nicolas has family problems of his own, though. His sister, Maria, is courting a young man whose father has issues with the Eicher family. These issues blow up in Irene and Nicolas’ faces when Seth Knepp accuses Nicolas and his family of stealing a blanket that belonged to his late wife.

With Seth refusing to see reason and threatening to have Nicolas shunned by the next day if the blanket isn’t returned, Irene takes up the case. Nicolas refuses to help at first. This stuns Irene.

As the day starts to come to a close, Irene becomes frustrated. Nothing is giving way. She needs to find the blanket, but everything seems to be against her. With no evidence that says Nicolas, or anyone in the Eicher family, didn’t do it, Seth is still pushing for Nicolas to be shunned.

Can Irene find the culprit who took the blanket, or will her sweetheart be forced out of the community forever?

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Orpah Lambright

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