December 16, 2018

The Englischer’s Amish Christmas Has Been Released!

The Englischer's Amish Christmas

The Englischer’s Amish Christmas Has Been Released!

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Ron Charleston’s death makes Jenny Charleston an expectant devastated widow in search of peace and a feeling of home. She cannot afford to live in Los Angeles in a home that reminds her of memories that tear at her heart baring it to the harsh world. To Jenny, it is a world where her family’s taunts for a decision she made for the sake of love threatens her sanity.

She wants to leave, but an obvious question lingers in her mind. With a baby on the way, where will she go? Will she ever find the peace of mind and the love Ron’s death took from her?

Andrew Miller is Amish and craves normalcy in his life, as well as in the life of his only child Claire, but he doesn’t know how or if it would happen. He believes Gott has a plan for his daughter even if it seems all is lost. The death of his wife has left him empty and void of ideas to bring back the Claire he once knew.

Amidst the chaos already in the lives of Jenny and Andrew, a blizzard occurs and their paths cross. A glimpse of hope happens for both parties but how far would this hope lead them?

What will Christmas bring to Jenny and Andrew? Will love and peace ever be restored in Jenny’s life? Will anything good come from the Amish community where she feels out of place? And most importantly of all, what will happen to the baby that Jenny will soon give birth to?

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Orpah Lambright

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