August 12, 2018

The Amish Stranger Has Been Released!

The Amish Stranger

The Amish Stranger Has Been Released!

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Mary was considering asking her parents to arrange a marriage for her after her last relationship ended badly. Her friend Sarah who is about to become engaged to Levi tells her not to do that as a marriage requires love. On Mary’s way home from work at the bakery, she requires assistance and receives it from a stranger by the name of Mark.

Despite there being rumours around town about Mark, Mary accepts a date from him. On their second date, Mark pulls out a cellular telephone, something unacceptable in the Amish community of Lancaster. Mary now knows that Mark is not who he claims to be. She vows to forget about him, however, the unanswered questions will not let her move on.

When Mary confronts Mark about the situation, she discovers the terrible secret that he has been keeping from the community and why he must keep it a secret. Mary panics when she hears the secret and rushes out of Mark’s house.

Can Mark be more than a stranger in the community? Can Mary forgive him for the lies that he told her? Can Mark find a way to fit into the Amish community? Find the answers to these questions and more in The Amish Stranger.

Orpah Lambright

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