May 15, 2018

The Amish Girl’s Lawyer Has Been Released!

The Amish Girl’s Lawyer

The Amish Girl’s Lawyer Has Been Released!

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Noah and Ruth were set to be married, but then she begins to wonder if she loves him enough to live her whole life with him. Ruth’s friend Chastity encourages Ruth to seek God’s assistance in finding the answers because Noah is a good man, and Ruth and Noah are happy when they are together.

While Ruth seeks to sort out her feelings about Noah, a bigger problem comes up. A large development corporation is exploiting most of their community so that the corporation can build high-rise apartments. Ruth makes it her mission to attempt to save the community from being destroyed, even though some of the people closest to Ruth are uncertain if she can accomplish what she has set out to do.

In order to save the community, Ruth must leave her Amish village and head to a town where the Englischers live. There, she feels out of place but is determined to find a lawyer to help her save the home where she grew up, her father’s farm and the homes and businesses of the rest of her community. Finally, Ruth finds a lawyer who agrees to help her; not because he wants to but because he is required to take on a certain number of pro-bono cases per year.

As Ruth and the lawyer, Lee Harlow, work together, the chemistry builds between them. One night as they are working late, things heat up and Noah sees what happens. Ruth goes to Noah and apologizes for the pain that she has caused him and tells him that she loves him. Although Noah still loves Ruth, he calls off their engagement.

Is there a chance for the community to be saved or will they have to leave their homes? Will Ruth and Noah get back together, or will Ruth choose to start a relationship with Lee Harlow? To learn the answers to these questions and many more read The Amish Girl’s Lawyer.

Orpah Lambright

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