November 18, 2019

The Amish Christmas Surprise Has Been Released!

The Amish Christmas Surprise

The Amish Christmas Surprise Has Been Released!

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Jenny Smucker has returned from her rumspringa. Everything seems to be in order in her life, and she gets baptized into her community as a good Amish woman ought to. She couldn’t be happier.

Andrew Hertzler wants to court Jenny. Even though he had many chances to ask her if she would court him, he hasn’t due to fear of rejection.

Emily and John Hertzler, Andrew’s brother and sister-in-law, ache for a child of their own. They have been married for long enough that many believe they should have had a child already. They struggle with their faith.

When a little baby girl is dropped off in a basket at Jenny’s doorstep with no known family, what will happen to this Amish community? What will this mysterious little baby girl teach Jenny, Andrew, Emily, and John about faith, love and the true meaning of Christmas?

Read “The Amish Christmas Surprise” now to find out…

Orpah Lambright

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