June 9, 2020

The Amish Baby Blessing Has Been Released!

The Amish Baby Blessing

The Amish Baby Blessing Has Been Released!

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Enter the wonderful world of the Amish and explore the lives of four different, yet interconnected people who will all have their faith put to the test.

For Hannah Miller, It seems like all around her, whether on her recent rumspringa or even now in her Amish community she recently returned to, that so many others her age are getting married and having children. Hannah is afraid that she will never find someone to love and to have a family with. What will it take for Hannah to overcome her fears and fall in love?

Naomi Schrock is one of Hannah’s best friends. She has been happily married for a year to her husband, David Schrock. They are both anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child. But when an unthinkable and shocking tragedy strikes, will either of them have enough strength to recover from it?

Thomas Schrock is the twin brother of David Schrock. He also used to be very good friends with Hannah many years ago. A courtship between Thomas and another woman recently ended. After seeing how well his twin brother’s marriage to Naomi is doing, he struggles with feelings of jealousy. And when he commits what is considered to be a sin in the Amish community, will he be forgiven, or will he have to leave the community forever?

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Orpah Lambright

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