April 29, 2020

The Amish Apprentice Has Been Released!

The Amish Apprentice

The Amish Apprentice Has Been Released!

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Fannie Lapp didn’t believe that she would have an opportunity to find love or start a family of her own. She was extremely shy and constantly helping her father, Jethro, in his carpentry shop. Her only joy in the world came to her when she was working in her garden. She wanted more out of life, but how would she find exactly what she wants with so little time to do so?

David Schrock arrived from another Amish community to work as an apprentice for Jethro. David’s arrival changed Fannie’s life drastically. Fannie was forced to work with David, and it meant speaking with each other often. At first, David didn’t know what to make of the quiet and sometimes dismissive woman, but in time, he started to have romantic feelings towards her. However, there’s something strange about David’s past that is preventing him from courting Fannie. What could possibly be stopping David from potentially courting her?

How will David and Fannie’s relationship turn out? Can David and Fannie ever move past just being co-workers? Will they be able to become friends? Do they have enough courage and faith to overcome the odds and fall in love with each other? Or will Fannie’s shy nature and David’s mysterious past shatter any hope at them finding true love with one another?

Read “The Amish Apprentice” now to find out…

Orpah Lambright

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