January 5, 2020

Saving an Amish Family Has Been Released!

Saving an Amish Family

Saving an Amish Family Has Been Released!

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Hannah Zook believed that she was doing fine in her life. She had her own apartment in the Amish community where she lived and a good job teaching at the school. She was able to provide for her son, and he was a happy child.

There was one problem though. Hannah had her son out of wedlock while on her rumspringa nine years before, and the community still talks about it. They would like Hannah to find someone to marry and complete her family. Hannah doesn’t want to rush into anything and make another mistake. Can the Amish community ever forgive Hannah for the sins of her past?

Things change for Hannah when her Englischer ex-boyfriend Ryan Jacobson, who is her son Mark’s biological father, arrives in the Amish community and proposes to Hannah in order to see his son again and complete his family. Hannah panics and lies to Ryan by saying she cannot marry him because she is in a relationship with a man from the Amish community named Isaac King.

What lengths will Ryan go to in order to make sure that he is able to see his son? Will Isaac help Hannah after lying about their courtship? Some tears will be shed, and some romance shared, but can things turn out the way that they are meant to be, or will it end in heartbreak?

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Orpah Lambright

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