February 4, 2019

Return From Rumspringa Has Been Released!

Return from Rumspringa

Return From Rumspringa Has Been Released!

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Rachel Beiler just returned from spending eighteen months in the Englischer’s world. It was not how she expected things to be and this made her rethink whether or not she should return to her community forever. She decides to return home to her familye and make a commitment to her community by being baptized into the church.

While back home, Rachel has resumed some household chores to help out her familye including the care of the garden. Many times, when Rachel is working in the garden, she receives visits from a local farmer named Samuel Lapp. One night after the singing, Samuel asks Rachel if he can walk her home and she agrees. From here, Rachel and Samuel’s relationship grows.

There is an Englischer staying at Samuel Lapp’s home, and he knew Rachel from her Rumspringa. He keeps bothering her and making her feel uncomfortable. He asks her to go with him and says that he can provide her a better life. He has money and power and can buy her anything that she wants.

Rachel is worried that there will be an altercation between Samuel and the Englischer, Robert Black. Rachel does not know what to do and considers calling off her relationship with Samuel in order to protect him. Rachel seeks out the advice of a wise woman known as Grossmammi Sarah. Grossmammi helps Rachel to see her path and tells Rachel to turn to Gott because he has a plan for her.

Rachel’s baptism arrives, and she is worried that Robert will cause a scene. He waits to do so until the refreshment period takes place. The scene occurs in front of many witnesses. Rachel feels humiliated and heads into the house. The men of the Amish community speak with Robert, and he leaves the celebration, while Samuel seeks out Rachel to check on her and comfort her.

Will Robert return to cause even more trouble? Can Robert’s money and power convince Rachel to leave the Amish community forever or will Rachel’s faith in Gott help her overcome temptation and stay within the Amish community with her familye? Will it ever be possible for Rachel and Samuel to fall in love?

Read ‘Return from Rumspringa’ now to find out…

Orpah Lambright

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