March 12, 2020

Deep Within An Amish Heart Has Been Released!

Deep Within An Amish Heart

Deep Within An Amish Heart Has Been Released!

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Peter Albrecht’s life seems to only be a series of tragedies. Most of his family is ill, their store is no longer doing well, and he is losing his faith. Fortunately, he is supported by his friend and fellow villager, Elia Hertzler. He believes that she might be the best woman for him.

A beautiful, wealthy Englischer named Virginia Lakeman arrives in town and becomes interested in Peter. Virginia offers to help Peter with his troubles as well. But in order to receive her help, she wants him to leave the Amish community for the Englischer world.

Will Peter decide to stay in the Amish village and face his problems with the help of Elia? Or will Peter escape his problems by leaving for the Englischer world with Virginia? What will happen to Peter’s family? Will the future bring love and hope for Peter and Elia, or will these blessings be given to Peter and Virginia?

Read “Deep Within An Amish Heart” now to find out…

Orpah Lambright

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