December 1, 2018

Christmas with the Amish Widower Has Been Released!

Christmas with the Amish Widower

Christmas with the Amish Widower Has Been Released!

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From the warm weather in Florida to the cold and snow in the Amish village of Lancaster, Samantha Brown was out of her element. But she had to be there for her sister Marianne, who was probably dying. She had never met Jethro Sutter, Marianne’s husband and the two of them disagree on what might be best for their beloved Marianne. Marianne tells them that whatever happens is Gott’s will.

After Marianne dies, Jethro is at a loss of what to do. Samantha is worried that he might cause himself harm and goes to find help. Leroy Bachman, Jethro’s best friend, accompanies Samantha back to Jethro’s home. After a cup of tea, Samantha heads off to bed but has a nightmare that leaves her crying and shaking. Leroy awakens her from it and comforts her.

Jethro pulls away from his sister-in-law and Leroy, and eventually, Leroy asks Samantha to stay with him. She begins to work for him, and they become friends, but then as Christmas gets closer, he starts to pull away too. Samantha asks Jethro about Leroy one day, and he overhears, causing the tension to rise between them until he kicks Samantha out of his house and she returns to stay with Jethro.

Jethro and Samantha eventually start a courtship that is bound for nowhere. She discovers that she likes the Amish community and wants to stay and make her life there. She gets baptized and then has the option to court anyone that she wants. Both Jethro and Leroy ask her to court them. Does Samantha choose Jethro or Leroy or does she decide to be alone forever?

Life and relationships are not easy in ‘Christmas with the Amish Widower’ but making the right choice can be worthwhile in the end. Read this story now to find out more about one unforgettable Christmas and the year that follows.

Orpah Lambright

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