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June 19, 2019

Amish Spirit Has Been Released!

Amish Spirit

Amish Spirit Has Been Released!

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Clara Keene has had a tough three years. When her husband was killed by a drunk driver, her world began to spiral out of control. She can’t hold it together much longer.

Then, she gets the news that her 14-year-old daughter, Sage, has been expelled from school. To top it off, she has been laid off from her job. No longer able to make ends meet, she must make a choice.

When all seems lost, memories of her childhood return to her. She had grown up in an Amish community, and all had been wonderful there. With no other options coming to mind, she packs up and moves herself and her daughter out to the community with no warning.

Sage thinks her mother is foolish for moving out to an Amish community, although she grew up there. There would be no internet, no computers, no phones, or any other electronics. She felt that there would be nothing fun to do. She had been looking forward to a year off school to do whatever she wanted to do.

With Sage rebelling every step of the way, a lack of faith, a broken heart, and an old suitor coming back into her life, Clara struggles to see if this was the right choice. Does she stay in the Amish community, or does she return to the city? Can the power of prayer save Clara and Sage’s relationship? Will Clara’s faith in Gott be restored and allow her to bond with her daughter and help her find true love?

May 26, 2019

Amish Miracle Has Been Released!

Amish Miracle

Amish Miracle Has Been Released!

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Anne Miller has had a rough few months. She’s been home alone with her two kids – five-year-old Eli and three-month-old Arlo – for seven months. For much of that time, she has been in mourning.

When she received the news of her husband’s passing, she couldn’t believe it. He had only left to get supplies from the nearby Englischer town. How could he have passed away?

Moving on is hard. However, she has to for her children. Her parents offer to help her, but she is too stubborn to admit that she needs it. She needs more than what her parents can do, though.

As she’s coming home from a rough shopping trip, a man not much older than she offers to help her get everything home. Eli gets along with him immediately. Anne cannot believe it. Could it be an answer to her prayers?

Then, she gets the shock of her life. What is this surprise and can it be considered a miracle? Will Anne find true love and get married again, or does Gott have other plans for her?

April 28, 2019

Amish Faith Has Been Released!

Amish Faith

Amish Faith Has Been Released!

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Esther Herschberger is feeling a bit down on her luck. She has been on her rumspringa in an Englischer city for almost two years. With a cruel boss that loves to yell at her when she does anything out of line, she finally gets fed up.

When her boss decides to fire someone that stands up for her for the first time since she was hired, she quits. With nowhere else to go in the Englischer city, she returns to her Amish community.

There have been many changes since she left. Her mamm accepts her back happily, but there is a huge problem facing Esther.

Having been away for so long, Esther doesn’t know where she stands. As she starts to get used to the Amish way of life again, she feels lacking in faith and stamina. It doesn’t help when she finds that a young man by the name of Isaiah Zook wants to court her.

Can she find the faith in Gott that she lost while in the city? Has her life turned upside down for good? Will she be able to find love or will she abandon the Amish community for another chance at the Englischer way of life?

March 20, 2019

The Amish Carpenters Has Been Released!

The Amish Carpenters

The Amish Carpenters Has Been Released!

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Miriam Hilty and Samuel Wittmer had been friends since they were children, but now as adults could there be anything more between them? Miriam would like to find out, but it is not her place to ask Samuel if he feels the same way. Samuel would like to ask Miriam to court him, but there are many obstacles in the way.

Samuel is a carpenter and is becoming overwhelmed working by himself. There was a time when he had very few orders coming in, but ever since Miriam returned from her Rumspringa, there are more orders than he could handle by himself. Miriam had promoted Samuel’s carpentry while she had been away from the Amish community on her Rumspringa.

Samuel has to make a decision about who to hire as an apprentice to help him catch up on his work. He makes the choice to ask Miriam to join him in the carpentry shop. Prior to her Rumspringa, when business was slow, he had shown her how to do a few things around the shop, and she had proven to be skilled. With no time for courting and Miriam in the shop with him, Samuel has to put plans of courtship aside for their professional relationship.

Mark Graber is furious that Samuel chose to hire Miriam to apprentice instead of him because Miriam is a woman. This fury leads him to cancel his baptism and leave the community. Will Mark return to the Amish community to seek revenge? Will Samuel and Mariam be able to enter courtship or will their work prevent them from ever falling in love? Can their faith in Gott help them overcome all obstacles?

Find out what happens by reading ‘The Amish Carpenters’ now…

February 20, 2019

Amish Choice Has Been Released!

Amish Choice

Amish Choice Has Been Released!

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Ruth Schroder is an Amish girl who thinks she has met her soulmate named Ryan. The problem is that he’s an Englischer and Ruth’s familye does not know anything about their relationship. Ruth’s romantic heart cannot resist when Ryan makes a grand gesture to her to prove his love.

When life takes a tragic turn for Ruth’s daed Jacob, she must decide whether to change her path and leave her love behind for another man who is in the community named Levi.

Ryan feels very passionate about Ruth as well. He must decide whether he should join the Amish community or remain in the outside world.

What will become of Levi? Will Ryan’s love prove to be even stronger than Ruth could have ever imagined? Will Ruth wind up leaving the Amish community to join Ryan in the outside world?

Can faith in Gott help guide these people to make the proper choices that will lead them to inner peace and love?

This is a beautiful story of love, loss, sacrifice, and devotion.

Read ‘Amish Choice’ now to find out more…

February 4, 2019

Return From Rumspringa Has Been Released!

Return from Rumspringa

Return From Rumspringa Has Been Released!

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Rachel Beiler just returned from spending eighteen months in the Englischer’s world. It was not how she expected things to be and this made her rethink whether or not she should return to her community forever. She decides to return home to her familye and make a commitment to her community by being baptized into the church.

While back home, Rachel has resumed some household chores to help out her familye including the care of the garden. Many times, when Rachel is working in the garden, she receives visits from a local farmer named Samuel Lapp. One night after the singing, Samuel asks Rachel if he can walk her home and she agrees. From here, Rachel and Samuel’s relationship grows.

There is an Englischer staying at Samuel Lapp’s home, and he knew Rachel from her Rumspringa. He keeps bothering her and making her feel uncomfortable. He asks her to go with him and says that he can provide her a better life. He has money and power and can buy her anything that she wants.

Rachel is worried that there will be an altercation between Samuel and the Englischer, Robert Black. Rachel does not know what to do and considers calling off her relationship with Samuel in order to protect him. Rachel seeks out the advice of a wise woman known as Grossmammi Sarah. Grossmammi helps Rachel to see her path and tells Rachel to turn to Gott because he has a plan for her.

Rachel’s baptism arrives, and she is worried that Robert will cause a scene. He waits to do so until the refreshment period takes place. The scene occurs in front of many witnesses. Rachel feels humiliated and heads into the house. The men of the Amish community speak with Robert, and he leaves the celebration, while Samuel seeks out Rachel to check on her and comfort her.

Will Robert return to cause even more trouble? Can Robert’s money and power convince Rachel to leave the Amish community forever or will Rachel’s faith in Gott help her overcome temptation and stay within the Amish community with her familye? Will it ever be possible for Rachel and Samuel to fall in love?

Read ‘Return from Rumspringa’ now to find out…

January 9, 2019

The Amish Family Tales Collection (Amish Romance) (10 Book Box Set) Has Been Released!

The Amish Family Tales Collection 10 Book Box Set

The Amish Family Tales Collection (Amish Romance) (10 Book Box Set) Has Been Released!

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UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MM5ZCBQ

Great Value 10 Book Box Set – Available at this price for a limited time only.


Grab this beautiful collection of ten of the best clean Amish stories by Orpah Lambright. Discover the peaceful lives of the Amish familyes. Find out about how friendships and romances are formed. Learn how the Amish youth grow into adults to find the paths laid out for their futures. Experience the loves, home lives and joys of a community founded on faith, hope and old world values.

Included in the Box Set:

Amish Strength
Amish Rejection
The Amish Girl’s Lawyer
The Amish Quilt
The Amish Waitress
Fixing an Amish Broken Heart
The Amish Stranger
The Amish Healer
The Englisch Child
The Mystery of the Amish Blanket

December 16, 2018

The Englischer’s Amish Christmas Has Been Released!

The Englischer's Amish Christmas

The Englischer’s Amish Christmas Has Been Released!

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UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07LFGYYYY

Ron Charleston’s death makes Jenny Charleston an expectant devastated widow in search of peace and a feeling of home. She cannot afford to live in Los Angeles in a home that reminds her of memories that tear at her heart baring it to the harsh world. To Jenny, it is a world where her family’s taunts for a decision she made for the sake of love threatens her sanity.

She wants to leave, but an obvious question lingers in her mind. With a baby on the way, where will she go? Will she ever find the peace of mind and the love Ron’s death took from her?

Andrew Miller is Amish and craves normalcy in his life, as well as in the life of his only child Claire, but he doesn’t know how or if it would happen. He believes Gott has a plan for his daughter even if it seems all is lost. The death of his wife has left him empty and void of ideas to bring back the Claire he once knew.

Amidst the chaos already in the lives of Jenny and Andrew, a blizzard occurs and their paths cross. A glimpse of hope happens for both parties but how far would this hope lead them?

What will Christmas bring to Jenny and Andrew? Will love and peace ever be restored in Jenny’s life? Will anything good come from the Amish community where she feels out of place? And most importantly of all, what will happen to the baby that Jenny will soon give birth to?

Read ‘The Englischer’s Amish Christmas’ now…

December 15, 2018

Amish Yuletide Love Has Been Released!

Amish Yuletide Love

Amish Yuletide Love Has Been Released!

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UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07LDN9DG2

Jane Herschberger has been on her rumspringa for almost a year now. She has been living in the city, and it’s been a wonderful experience for her. She has been staying with Andrew Harrison and his aunt and uncle.

Jane learns that her father is sick and she returns to the community just in time for Christmas to spend time with him.

Andrew feels like he must go with her and offers to take her to the community. He has been dating Jane for almost a year now, and he’s almost positive he’s going to marry her. Everything changes when he realizes he has a lot to do to have a chance at marrying her.

With them now spending time away, Jane wonders what is going on with her heart. She must choose between her familye and her love. She doesn’t know what to do.

What will become of Jane’s sick father? Will Andrew be accepted with open arms into the community? Will Jane be able to have everything she wants, or will she have to leave someone behind? Read ‘Amish Yuletide Love’ now to find out…

December 10, 2018

Amish Christmas Gladness Has Been Released!

Amish Christmas Gladness

Amish Christmas Gladness Has Been Released!

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UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07L91PKW3

Christmas was in the air, but Emma Stutzman was not in the holiday mood. Her Englischer boyfriend had broken her heart on Christmas Day the year before, and Emma was still heartbroken about the way that he had ended things between them. Emma was back in the Amish community where she had lived her whole life, except for a brief time away during her Rumspringa. She was running the quilting shop that she owned there, and Christmas was a busy time of year for her business.

Wayne Miller worked for Emma. He was an Amishman, and he had been interested in more than a friendship and a working relationship for a few years, but he had been too shy to let her know how he felt. He tries to put her in a festive mood, but most of the time it doesn’t work. Emma’s brother Elmer encourages her to court again, but Emma just tells Elmer that she isn’t interested and that he should also be looking for someone to make a love match with.

One evening as Emma and Wayne were getting close to closing the shop for the evening, Lincoln Green entered. Emma went into the back room so that she didn’t have to deal with him. Wayne eventually kicked him out of the shop, and then he walked Emma home to make sure that she’d be safe. He also took the opportunity to give her a letter regarding how he felt.

However, Lincoln Green had not yet left town. He approached Emma at ordung on Sunday just after she had spoken to Wayne and he had asked her what she wanted to do about their relationship. Emma was unsure of whether anything should be done or not. When Lincoln approached Emma and tried to force her to leave with him after she refused to give him a second chance, Lincoln drew a gun and attempted to kidnap Emma. Wayne rescued her from him but was shot in the process.

At the hospital, Emma and Wayne decide to attempt courting. Emma has realized how much Wayne means to her and she knows that she needs him in her life. Emma spends as much time as she can at the hospital with Wayne until he is able to return to the community. They celebrate the holidays together, and in the new year, Lincoln’s sister Sapphire comes to the community.

Does Sapphire mean to cause trouble or clean up the mess that her brother caused? Will Emma and Wayne’s relationship work out? And will Elmer have a chance at true love too? Find out by reading ‘Amish Christmas Gladness’ right now.