December 7, 2018

An Amish Silent Night Has Been Released!

An Amish Silent Night

An Amish Silent Night Has Been Released!

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Margaret is a shy young woman who likes to sing and enjoys the Christmas holiday. However, her extreme shyness is keeping her from taking the things that she likes and turning them into full-blown passions.

Lydia is Margaret’s mother and wants to see her daughter happily married soon. Waneta is an outgoing young girl from a community a few days away from where Margaret lives. David is Waneta’s dad and afraid of leaving his wife in the dust if he moves on.

When the two families meet for the first time, Margaret thinks her world is ending, Waneta believes she will make a friend, and the parents spark. It’s a shame that Margaret is too shy to ask anyone what they think of it.

As Waneta and Margaret get to know each other, Waneta challenges Margaret to get to know some of the men at the singings. She’s too shy to commit to a full conversation, so Margaret decides to say hello.

Samuel has had an eye on Margaret for years. He knows she’s too shy to ask him anything, but he’s afraid of scaring her off.

Can fate intervene with the help of a new, outgoing personality in the mix? Will singing and music be powerful enough to bring true love into the lives of Margaret and Samuel or will the Christmas season fall short of their expectations?

Read An Amish Silent Night now to find out…

Orpah Lambright

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