December 14, 2019

An Amish Christmas to Remember Has Been Released!

An Amish Christmas to Remember

An Amish Christmas to Remember Has Been Released!

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Miriam Schrock is a shy, young Amish woman. She has hopes and dreams, including becoming a mother, but her anxiety is keeping her from courting men. Miriam’s sister Sarah and her brother-in-law Aaron are happy and expecting their first child. Will Miriam ever have the happiness that they do?

Christmas time is getting close, and Miriam is keeping herself busy at work in the quilting shop. One day, an Amish man named Iddo Nissley visits the shop and asks Miriam to court him. What will Miriam’s answer be?

Miriam grows uncomfortable when she is with Iddo. She finds him very demanding. He wants her to talk, and due to her shyness, she can’t just be commanded to speak at will. Can Miriam convince Iddo to change his ways?

During a picnic, an outsider by the name of David Black gives Miriam a chance to leave Iddo temporarily by offering to take her home. Does she accept this generous offer?

Miriam never considers that another person besides Iddo will be interested in courting her until she receives a mysterious letter. Who could the letter possibly be from? Who will Miriam wind up courting in the end? Will she have a joyous Christmas filled with love and everything else she could possibly want?

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Orpah Lambright

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