December 23, 2019

Amish Love at Christmas Has Been Released!

Amish Love at Christmas

Amish Love at Christmas Has Been Released!

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This is a Christmas story about Claudia, who is an Englischer girl that works at a large supermarket in the city, and Vernon, a small-town boy from an Amish community, who makes deliveries of his jams and jellies to stores outside of his village.

Claudia falls upon some misfortune and has nowhere to spend Christmas. Vernon asks an Amish woman named Naomi and Bishop Mast if it would be alright for her to spend Christmas in the community. Did they make the right decision allowing an Englischer into their community?

Claudia agrees to stay in the Amish community for Christmas. However, she must abide by the strict rules of the community. Can Claudia abide by these rules, or are they too much for her to handle?

The more that Claudia and Vernon are together, the more that their friendship grows. Will they begin to court, despite knowing that it could be complicated when he is a baptized member of the Amish community, and she is still an Englischer? What happens when Claudia’s parents come to the community and demand that she returns to the city with them? Will Christmas be a time of love, faith, and togetherness for Claudia and Vernon?

Read “Amish Love at Christmas” now to find out…

Orpah Lambright

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