August 17, 2019

Amish Inner Worth Has Been Released!

Amish Inner Worth

Amish Inner Worth Has Been Released!

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Lavinia Graber has quite a lot of work to do lately. Isaiah Bontrager hired her to be their nanny as his wife Rachel struggles with her seventh pregnancy. That’s a lot of children for Lavinia to help take care of, and as a result, doesn’t allow her to be courted like she wants to be.

The Bontragers have an uncle named Noah who does not interact with other people that much. A couple of years ago, the story was very different. He would come into the home, have dinner with them, and enjoy life. Then, he was injured while working, and his self-confidence was ruined.

As Lavinia works with the children, she finds that Noah has dreams of his own that he believes are never going to happen. The children don’t know of his dreams, but she can see that something they do helps him.

When Rachel and Isaiah tell Lavinia about their worries for Noah, she decides to do something about it.

Will Lavinia be able to help Noah see his inner worth? Will Lavinia ever find the time to be courted? Does Gott have a plan for Lavinia and Noah that leads them to discover true love?

Orpah Lambright

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