July 6, 2019

Amish Escape Has Been Released!

Amish Escape

Amish Escape Has Been Released!

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Elizabeth Burki is an Amish woman living in a small community. She had been hurt by a man from the outside community before, and she never wanted it to happen again. Therefore, she avoided Englischers at all times. When she and her twin brother Samuel are having a meal at the local Amish diner, Ryan Blackwell, an outsider comes in. Elizabeth rushes out of the diner, leaving Ryan to wonder what he did wrong.

Over the next few weeks, Ryan tries to speak to Elizabeth, but she manages to avoid him, until one day she cannot. They talk, and she is taken in by his British accent and his desire to work on his faith while he is in the community. Elizabeth ends up helping him. As Elizabeth and Ryan spend time together, they grow to be friends. Will they decide that they want to be more than just friends?

However, on the night that Ryan is to have supper with Elizabeth’s parents and her brother, another suitor named Eli Zook shows up. He is from the Amish community and gives Ryan plenty of reasons why courting Elizabeth is not going to be easy. Ryan has a deep secret of his own that he is not ready to reveal to anyone. Will anyone be able to get Ryan to come clean about his secret?

Who will Elizabeth wind up falling in love with? Will Eli do anything in his power to win Elizabeth over? Can Elizabeth and Ryan make a life for themselves in the Amish community, or will Elizabeth be left heartbroken again?

Orpah Lambright

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