December 10, 2018

Amish Christmas Gladness Has Been Released!

Amish Christmas Gladness

Amish Christmas Gladness Has Been Released!

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Christmas was in the air, but Emma Stutzman was not in the holiday mood. Her Englischer boyfriend had broken her heart on Christmas Day the year before, and Emma was still heartbroken about the way that he had ended things between them. Emma was back in the Amish community where she had lived her whole life, except for a brief time away during her Rumspringa. She was running the quilting shop that she owned there, and Christmas was a busy time of year for her business.

Wayne Miller worked for Emma. He was an Amishman, and he had been interested in more than a friendship and a working relationship for a few years, but he had been too shy to let her know how he felt. He tries to put her in a festive mood, but most of the time it doesn’t work. Emma’s brother Elmer encourages her to court again, but Emma just tells Elmer that she isn’t interested and that he should also be looking for someone to make a love match with.

One evening as Emma and Wayne were getting close to closing the shop for the evening, Lincoln Green entered. Emma went into the back room so that she didn’t have to deal with him. Wayne eventually kicked him out of the shop, and then he walked Emma home to make sure that she’d be safe. He also took the opportunity to give her a letter regarding how he felt.

However, Lincoln Green had not yet left town. He approached Emma at ordung on Sunday just after she had spoken to Wayne and he had asked her what she wanted to do about their relationship. Emma was unsure of whether anything should be done or not. When Lincoln approached Emma and tried to force her to leave with him after she refused to give him a second chance, Lincoln drew a gun and attempted to kidnap Emma. Wayne rescued her from him but was shot in the process.

At the hospital, Emma and Wayne decide to attempt courting. Emma has realized how much Wayne means to her and she knows that she needs him in her life. Emma spends as much time as she can at the hospital with Wayne until he is able to return to the community. They celebrate the holidays together, and in the new year, Lincoln’s sister Sapphire comes to the community.

Does Sapphire mean to cause trouble or clean up the mess that her brother caused? Will Emma and Wayne’s relationship work out? And will Elmer have a chance at true love too? Find out by reading ‘Amish Christmas Gladness’ right now.

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