February 20, 2019

Amish Choice Has Been Released!

Amish Choice

Amish Choice Has Been Released!

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Ruth Schroder is an Amish girl who thinks she has met her soulmate named Ryan. The problem is that he’s an Englischer and Ruth’s familye does not know anything about their relationship. Ruth’s romantic heart cannot resist when Ryan makes a grand gesture to her to prove his love.

When life takes a tragic turn for Ruth’s daed Jacob, she must decide whether to change her path and leave her love behind for another man who is in the community named Levi.

Ryan feels very passionate about Ruth as well. He must decide whether he should join the Amish community or remain in the outside world.

What will become of Levi? Will Ryan’s love prove to be even stronger than Ruth could have ever imagined? Will Ruth wind up leaving the Amish community to join Ryan in the outside world?

Can faith in Gott help guide these people to make the proper choices that will lead them to inner peace and love?

This is a beautiful story of love, loss, sacrifice, and devotion.

Read ‘Amish Choice’ now to find out more…

Orpah Lambright

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