January 24, 2020

Amish Blessings Has Been Released!

Amish Blessings

Amish Blessings Has Been Released!

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Jane had what she considered the best kind of childhood. Her parents had always kept her close, made her feel loved, and they enjoyed the time they had together. Jane hoped that her life would remain perfect like this forever.

Jane’s life began to go downhill when she lost her mother when she was only ten years old. Then, it was just her and her father. She drew closer to him, and they became the best of friends. Jane was once again filled with joy and contentment.

Jane’s renewed happiness came to an end when her father passed away while she was away on her rumspringa. Jane returned to the community but feels lost and empty inside. Is there anything that Jane can do in order to reach or surpass the level of happiness she had when both of her parents were alive?

Jane meets a mysterious man in the community named Anthony. Anthony starts asking Jane to court him, but Jane is supposed to be in mourning. What will it take to have Jane move past the loss of her parents and begin courting? Is love going to be a blessing in the lives of Jane and Anthony? Will Jane and Anthony stay in the community or will they venture out into the Englischer world to escape their problems? Surely Gott has a plan for both of them, but what could it possibly be?

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Orpah Lambright

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