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July 7, 2020

Amish Forgiveness Has Been Released!

Amish Forgiveness

Amish Forgiveness Has Been Released!

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Tanya Lowell is an Englischer woman with some big problems. She allegedly had an “accidental” affair with her possessive, married college professor, Dr. Ryan Jackson. She claims that she didn’t know that he was married because he lied to her. Tanya left the city and headed to a small Amish village to get away from the scandal and to escape from Ryan forever. But will Tanya regret her decision to leave the city? Was the affair really just an accident? Will Ryan go and find her in order to try and control her again or has he moved on?

Life seems to get better for Tanya in the Amish village. She is able to work at the inn to pay for her room and board. She also becomes very close friends with a kind Amish man named Elijah Herschberger. Elijah works at the general store and is also the son of the Bishop of the community. Could there be more than just friendship in the future between Tanya and Elijah? Are Tanya and Elijah destined to fall in love?

Things don’t stay running smoothly for too long because Elijah hears a rumor that Tanya is pregnant. If this rumor is true, then Tanya would be seen in the eyes of the Amish community as even more of a sinner by giving birth to a child out of wedlock. Who is the real father of Tanya’s baby? Is she hiding something from the Amish community out of guilt and shame? Are any of these rumors actually true? And if they are, can Elijah, the Bishop, and the rest of the Amish community forgive her for the sins of her past?

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