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May 18, 2020

Amish Destiny Has Been Released!

Amish Destiny

Amish Destiny Has Been Released!

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Charlotte Swanson is an Englischer with a blooming modeling career. Charlotte’s mother is quite happy with her daughter’s modeling career and is living vicariously through her. However, Charlotte doesn’t want to be a model anymore due to the high pressure of the business. She really wants to become a doctor so she can help people using her intelligence instead of her beauty. She believes that it is her destiny in life. But can brains overcome beauty?

Her controlling mother doesn’t want Charlotte to be anything except for a model. Charlotte decides to leave her home for a week to think about the direction her life is headed. What will happen to Charlotte during her trip away from home? How far will her mother go to make sure that her daughter stays under her control?

Karl Yoder is a blacksmith in an Amish community between Charlotte’s home and where she’s unexpectedly headed. He’s had no luck with courting women. Since he’s a blacksmith, his muscular and sooty appearance seems to scare other women off. He wants to court someone in the community and fall in love. He’s at a loss for how to proceed. He meets Charlotte Swanson, who is lost in the community.

Can Karl help Charlotte in her time of need? Will Karl find someone to court who will love him? Or is he destined to remain alone? Will Charlotte fulfill what she believes to be her destiny of becoming a doctor? Will she remain in the Amish community? Or will she be headed back home to her mother to return to modeling again? Could the one true destiny through the power of faith be that Charlotte and Karl fall in love with each other and start a family?

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