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February 12, 2020

The Amish Dreamer Has Been Released!

The Amish Dreamer

The Amish Dreamer Has Been Released!

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Life is going wonderfully for Abigail Miller. She has an amazing courtship with a young man named Thomas Stoltzfus. Abigail’s father and siblings help her in the family store, and she’s on her rumspringa. Everything seems in place. But is her life as perfect as she thinks it is?

Everything changes when a young Englischer named Roland Smith strolls into town. He’s intelligent, good-looking, and knows how to talk about things Jenny thought only existed in the tales that her family told her. Adding to his intrigue is his status in Hollywood and interest in the Amish lifestyle. She starts to begin making foolish decisions. What are these decisions, and can the damage they caused be undone?

Courting two men at once is normal when the courtship is only beginning. At this stage, it is an immature thing to do. Abigail does it anyway, thinking that it will only last a couple of dates with Roland before she breaks it off. Can she control her emotions and regain her faith? Who will she fall in love with? Will Abigail go with Roland to live in the dream world of Hollywood, or will she stay in the Amish community with Thomas and her family?

Read “The Amish Dreamer” now to find out…