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May 26, 2019

Amish Miracle Has Been Released!

Amish Miracle

Amish Miracle Has Been Released!

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Anne Miller has had a rough few months. She’s been home alone with her two kids – five-year-old Eli and three-month-old Arlo – for seven months. For much of that time, she has been in mourning.

When she received the news of her husband’s passing, she couldn’t believe it. He had only left to get supplies from the nearby Englischer town. How could he have passed away?

Moving on is hard. However, she has to for her children. Her parents offer to help her, but she is too stubborn to admit that she needs it. She needs more than what her parents can do, though.

As she’s coming home from a rough shopping trip, a man not much older than she offers to help her get everything home. Eli gets along with him immediately. Anne cannot believe it. Could it be an answer to her prayers?

Then, she gets the shock of her life. What is this surprise and can it be considered a miracle? Will Anne find true love and get married again, or does Gott have other plans for her?