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April 28, 2019

Amish Faith Has Been Released!

Amish Faith

Amish Faith Has Been Released!

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Esther Herschberger is feeling a bit down on her luck. She has been on her rumspringa in an Englischer city for almost two years. With a cruel boss that loves to yell at her when she does anything out of line, she finally gets fed up.

When her boss decides to fire someone that stands up for her for the first time since she was hired, she quits. With nowhere else to go in the Englischer city, she returns to her Amish community.

There have been many changes since she left. Her mamm accepts her back happily, but there is a huge problem facing Esther.

Having been away for so long, Esther doesn’t know where she stands. As she starts to get used to the Amish way of life again, she feels lacking in faith and stamina. It doesn’t help when she finds that a young man by the name of Isaiah Zook wants to court her.

Can she find the faith in Gott that she lost while in the city? Has her life turned upside down for good? Will she be able to find love or will she abandon the Amish community for another chance at the Englischer way of life?