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March 20, 2019

The Amish Carpenters Has Been Released!

The Amish Carpenters

The Amish Carpenters Has Been Released!

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Miriam Hilty and Samuel Wittmer had been friends since they were children, but now as adults could there be anything more between them? Miriam would like to find out, but it is not her place to ask Samuel if he feels the same way. Samuel would like to ask Miriam to court him, but there are many obstacles in the way.

Samuel is a carpenter and is becoming overwhelmed working by himself. There was a time when he had very few orders coming in, but ever since Miriam returned from her Rumspringa, there are more orders than he could handle by himself. Miriam had promoted Samuel’s carpentry while she had been away from the Amish community on her Rumspringa.

Samuel has to make a decision about who to hire as an apprentice to help him catch up on his work. He makes the choice to ask Miriam to join him in the carpentry shop. Prior to her Rumspringa, when business was slow, he had shown her how to do a few things around the shop, and she had proven to be skilled. With no time for courting and Miriam in the shop with him, Samuel has to put plans of courtship aside for their professional relationship.

Mark Graber is furious that Samuel chose to hire Miriam to apprentice instead of him because Miriam is a woman. This fury leads him to cancel his baptism and leave the community. Will Mark return to the Amish community to seek revenge? Will Samuel and Mariam be able to enter courtship or will their work prevent them from ever falling in love? Can their faith in Gott help them overcome all obstacles?

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