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September 30, 2018

The Amish Healer Has Been Released!

The Amish Healer

The Amish Healer Has Been Released!

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Alexa Beller needed help and doctor of natural medicines, John Helmuth believed that he could help her. However, Alexa’s father refused John’s assistance. Her father, Jairus Beller only believed in the healing abilities that a doctor in the big city could give.

The city doctor’s medicine was not working. John secretly contacts Alexa to let her know what he is offering. Alexa does not want to defy her father but knows that it might be the only way that she can get well and be able to return to the life that she loves and misses.

Before becoming ill, Alexa was a teacher in town. With the help of her sisters, Abigail and Elizabeth, Alexa comes up with a plan so that she and John can talk about the possibilities that the natural medicines have to offer. After their first meeting, they decide that they will pose as a couple that is dating in order to avoid suspicion from Alexa’s father.

One day, when John smuggles the natural medicine into the Beller house, he is caught by Jairus who demands to know what is going on. When he finds out, he kicks John out of the house and threatens to have both John and Alexa shunned by their community if they have any contact.

Both John and Alexa are heartbroken. They discover that the fake love they were pretending to have, isn’t as fake as they both thought. The medicine that John was giving Alexa was helping her and she does not want to give up on her recovery.

Can she find a way to get the medicine that she needs so that she can get well, or will her illness relapse? Do she and John have a chance at love or are they doomed by the wrath of Jairus Beller?