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June 10, 2018

The Amish Quilt Has Been Released!

The Amish Quilt

The Amish Quilt Has Been Released!

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Susanna Sutter attends her brother’s wedding which reminds her that she is not married. She wonders if Gott truly has a mate for her or will she spend her days alone. She is having trouble being happy for her brother because she is wrapped in sorrow about her own situation.

At the wedding, she speaks to two different men. Tobias King is a traditional Amish man whose wife died. Susanna is the first woman he has noticed since then. Cody Wagler is an Englischer who comes to the wedding because he is interested in Susanna.

Susanna’s father allows both men to see her. As much as Susanna is delighted there are now two men who are courting her, she will ultimately have to make a decision on which one she marries.

Who will have her heart? Which one will help her walk with Gott? Will Cody whisk her away to the city or will Tobias’ quiet charm keep her in her community?