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April 17, 2018

Amish Strength Has Been Released!

Amish Strength

Amish Strength Has Been Released!

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With an injury leaving her feeling ugly and unworthy, Mary struggles with her social life in her little community. Many people know the story and know how she got the injury, but she still finds herself feeling as though she is an outsider where she had grown up.

Enter Jericho Yutzi. Young. Strapping. Handsome. An Amish young man with faith as strong as anyone’s and a heart big enough to match his faith. Immediately, Mary finds herself falling in love with him and wanting to get to know him more than she does. However, with her injury nagging at her mind, she refuses to let him know how she feels.

Jericho doesn’t give up easily, though. Despite Mary’s seemingly cold approach to getting to know him – and the fact that she would rather avoid the conversations that actually talk to him – he wonders if he’ll ever get to know her properly.

A fateful letter changes everything, and Mary must choose. Does she follow her heart and give up her lonely life, or does she stay with her lonely life and let Jericho go?