July 7, 2020

Amish Forgiveness Has Been Released!

Amish Forgiveness

Amish Forgiveness Has Been Released!

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Tanya Lowell is an Englischer woman with some big problems. She allegedly had an “accidental” affair with her possessive, married college professor, Dr. Ryan Jackson. She claims that she didn’t know that he was married because he lied to her. Tanya left the city and headed to a small Amish village to get away from the scandal and to escape from Ryan forever. But will Tanya regret her decision to leave the city? Was the affair really just an accident? Will Ryan go and find her in order to try and control her again or has he moved on?

Life seems to get better for Tanya in the Amish village. She is able to work at the inn to pay for her room and board. She also becomes very close friends with a kind Amish man named Elijah Herschberger. Elijah works at the general store and is also the son of the Bishop of the community. Could there be more than just friendship in the future between Tanya and Elijah? Are Tanya and Elijah destined to fall in love?

Things don’t stay running smoothly for too long because Elijah hears a rumor that Tanya is pregnant. If this rumor is true, then Tanya would be seen in the eyes of the Amish community as even more of a sinner by giving birth to a child out of wedlock. Who is the real father of Tanya’s baby? Is she hiding something from the Amish community out of guilt and shame? Are any of these rumors actually true? And if they are, can Elijah, the Bishop, and the rest of the Amish community forgive her for the sins of her past?

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June 9, 2020

The Amish Baby Blessing Has Been Released!

The Amish Baby Blessing

The Amish Baby Blessing Has Been Released!

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Enter the wonderful world of the Amish and explore the lives of four different, yet interconnected people who will all have their faith put to the test.

For Hannah Miller, It seems like all around her, whether on her recent rumspringa or even now in her Amish community she recently returned to, that so many others her age are getting married and having children. Hannah is afraid that she will never find someone to love and to have a family with. What will it take for Hannah to overcome her fears and fall in love?

Naomi Schrock is one of Hannah’s best friends. She has been happily married for a year to her husband, David Schrock. They are both anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child. But when an unthinkable and shocking tragedy strikes, will either of them have enough strength to recover from it?

Thomas Schrock is the twin brother of David Schrock. He also used to be very good friends with Hannah many years ago. A courtship between Thomas and another woman recently ended. After seeing how well his twin brother’s marriage to Naomi is doing, he struggles with feelings of jealousy. And when he commits what is considered to be a sin in the Amish community, will he be forgiven, or will he have to leave the community forever?

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May 18, 2020

Amish Destiny Has Been Released!

Amish Destiny

Amish Destiny Has Been Released!

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Charlotte Swanson is an Englischer with a blooming modeling career. Charlotte’s mother is quite happy with her daughter’s modeling career and is living vicariously through her. However, Charlotte doesn’t want to be a model anymore due to the high pressure of the business. She really wants to become a doctor so she can help people using her intelligence instead of her beauty. She believes that it is her destiny in life. But can brains overcome beauty?

Her controlling mother doesn’t want Charlotte to be anything except for a model. Charlotte decides to leave her home for a week to think about the direction her life is headed. What will happen to Charlotte during her trip away from home? How far will her mother go to make sure that her daughter stays under her control?

Karl Yoder is a blacksmith in an Amish community between Charlotte’s home and where she’s unexpectedly headed. He’s had no luck with courting women. Since he’s a blacksmith, his muscular and sooty appearance seems to scare other women off. He wants to court someone in the community and fall in love. He’s at a loss for how to proceed. He meets Charlotte Swanson, who is lost in the community.

Can Karl help Charlotte in her time of need? Will Karl find someone to court who will love him? Or is he destined to remain alone? Will Charlotte fulfill what she believes to be her destiny of becoming a doctor? Will she remain in the Amish community? Or will she be headed back home to her mother to return to modeling again? Could the one true destiny through the power of faith be that Charlotte and Karl fall in love with each other and start a family?

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April 29, 2020

The Amish Apprentice Has Been Released!

The Amish Apprentice

The Amish Apprentice Has Been Released!

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Fannie Lapp didn’t believe that she would have an opportunity to find love or start a family of her own. She was extremely shy and constantly helping her father, Jethro, in his carpentry shop. Her only joy in the world came to her when she was working in her garden. She wanted more out of life, but how would she find exactly what she wants with so little time to do so?

David Schrock arrived from another Amish community to work as an apprentice for Jethro. David’s arrival changed Fannie’s life drastically. Fannie was forced to work with David, and it meant speaking with each other often. At first, David didn’t know what to make of the quiet and sometimes dismissive woman, but in time, he started to have romantic feelings towards her. However, there’s something strange about David’s past that is preventing him from courting Fannie. What could possibly be stopping David from potentially courting her?

How will David and Fannie’s relationship turn out? Can David and Fannie ever move past just being co-workers? Will they be able to become friends? Do they have enough courage and faith to overcome the odds and fall in love with each other? Or will Fannie’s shy nature and David’s mysterious past shatter any hope at them finding true love with one another?

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April 10, 2020

The Secret Amish Love Letters Has Been Released!

The Secret Amish Love Letters

The Secret Amish Love Letters Has Been Released!

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When Adam Lewis’ mother passes away, his entire life turns upside down. The death of a parent is not something to be taken lightly, and a few months after her passing, his life still has not returned to normal. In the city, there’s plenty of resources and activities to take away some of the pain. But why is Adam feeling so empty inside, no matter what he does to try and heal himself?

As Adam cleans out some of his mother’s junk mail, he finds secret letters addressed to a man that he’s never met in a place he’s never heard of. That’s when he approaches his father and finds out that his mother had an entirely different life before meeting his father. Who is the man that the letters are addressed to? What were Adam’s mother and father hiding from him his entire life?

Katie Gruber’s life has been normal for a young Amish woman. She has grown up and now contemplates about her place in the community. Does she have enough courage and faith to get baptized? Does she stay in the community, or will she escape to the Englischer world?

The two lives are forever changed when Katie and Adam meet in the Amish community. One is wishing to find her place in life. The other struggles with the strange looks, the negative rumors, and the loss of his mother. Can Katie and Adam’s friendship blossom into something more? Are Katie and Adam destined to fall in love with each other, or does God have other plans for them?

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March 28, 2020

The Perfect Amish Match Has Been Released!

The Perfect Amish Match

The Perfect Amish Match Has Been Released!

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This is the heartwarming tale of an Amish community that seems to have an obsession in finding perfect love matches for each other.

What will happen when the outcast Englischer Noah Byler, his close Amish born friend Ruth Lengacher, Ruth’s caring sister Rebecca Lengacher and a mysterious Amish villager named Levi Wagler try to find love?

Do perfect love matches truly exist? Who has strong enough faith to able to try and find their perfect love match and help others with their search as well? Are any weddings destined to take place?

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March 12, 2020

Deep Within An Amish Heart Has Been Released!

Deep Within An Amish Heart

Deep Within An Amish Heart Has Been Released!

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Peter Albrecht’s life seems to only be a series of tragedies. Most of his family is ill, their store is no longer doing well, and he is losing his faith. Fortunately, he is supported by his friend and fellow villager, Elia Hertzler. He believes that she might be the best woman for him.

A beautiful, wealthy Englischer named Virginia Lakeman arrives in town and becomes interested in Peter. Virginia offers to help Peter with his troubles as well. But in order to receive her help, she wants him to leave the Amish community for the Englischer world.

Will Peter decide to stay in the Amish village and face his problems with the help of Elia? Or will Peter escape his problems by leaving for the Englischer world with Virginia? What will happen to Peter’s family? Will the future bring love and hope for Peter and Elia, or will these blessings be given to Peter and Virginia?

Read “Deep Within An Amish Heart” now to find out…

February 12, 2020

The Amish Dreamer Has Been Released!

The Amish Dreamer

The Amish Dreamer Has Been Released!

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Life is going wonderfully for Abigail Miller. She has an amazing courtship with a young man named Thomas Stoltzfus. Abigail’s father and siblings help her in the family store, and she’s on her rumspringa. Everything seems in place. But is her life as perfect as she thinks it is?

Everything changes when a young Englischer named Roland Smith strolls into town. He’s intelligent, good-looking, and knows how to talk about things Jenny thought only existed in the tales that her family told her. Adding to his intrigue is his status in Hollywood and interest in the Amish lifestyle. She starts to begin making foolish decisions. What are these decisions, and can the damage they caused be undone?

Courting two men at once is normal when the courtship is only beginning. At this stage, it is an immature thing to do. Abigail does it anyway, thinking that it will only last a couple of dates with Roland before she breaks it off. Can she control her emotions and regain her faith? Who will she fall in love with? Will Abigail go with Roland to live in the dream world of Hollywood, or will she stay in the Amish community with Thomas and her family?

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January 24, 2020

Amish Blessings Has Been Released!

Amish Blessings

Amish Blessings Has Been Released!

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Jane had what she considered the best kind of childhood. Her parents had always kept her close, made her feel loved, and they enjoyed the time they had together. Jane hoped that her life would remain perfect like this forever.

Jane’s life began to go downhill when she lost her mother when she was only ten years old. Then, it was just her and her father. She drew closer to him, and they became the best of friends. Jane was once again filled with joy and contentment.

Jane’s renewed happiness came to an end when her father passed away while she was away on her rumspringa. Jane returned to the community but feels lost and empty inside. Is there anything that Jane can do in order to reach or surpass the level of happiness she had when both of her parents were alive?

Jane meets a mysterious man in the community named Anthony. Anthony starts asking Jane to court him, but Jane is supposed to be in mourning. What will it take to have Jane move past the loss of her parents and begin courting? Is love going to be a blessing in the lives of Jane and Anthony? Will Jane and Anthony stay in the community or will they venture out into the Englischer world to escape their problems? Surely Gott has a plan for both of them, but what could it possibly be?

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January 5, 2020

Saving an Amish Family Has Been Released!

Saving an Amish Family

Saving an Amish Family Has Been Released!

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Hannah Zook believed that she was doing fine in her life. She had her own apartment in the Amish community where she lived and a good job teaching at the school. She was able to provide for her son, and he was a happy child.

There was one problem though. Hannah had her son out of wedlock while on her rumspringa nine years before, and the community still talks about it. They would like Hannah to find someone to marry and complete her family. Hannah doesn’t want to rush into anything and make another mistake. Can the Amish community ever forgive Hannah for the sins of her past?

Things change for Hannah when her Englischer ex-boyfriend Ryan Jacobson, who is her son Mark’s biological father, arrives in the Amish community and proposes to Hannah in order to see his son again and complete his family. Hannah panics and lies to Ryan by saying she cannot marry him because she is in a relationship with a man from the Amish community named Isaac King.

What lengths will Ryan go to in order to make sure that he is able to see his son? Will Isaac help Hannah after lying about their courtship? Some tears will be shed, and some romance shared, but can things turn out the way that they are meant to be, or will it end in heartbreak?

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